The Billionaire Shit List #40: Alisher Usmanov

Income inequality is at an all time high. The world’s 80 richest people have as much wealth as the poorest 50 percent of people. That means 80 schmucks have have more money than 3,662,391,112 people (mostly lovely, some schmucks I’m sure). That, on its face, is insane, and it’s only getting worse! By 2016, Oxfam… »6/11/15 7:53pm6/11/15 7:53pm

Is Staten Island Really Next? Maaaaybe

There's an interesting report in the New York Observer this week about the most forgotten borough in New York City – Staten Island. Reporter Jane Callahan lists all the reasons that Staten Island is next in line for a little revitalization (or gentrification, or whatever you want to call it). »2/20/15 5:24pm2/20/15 5:24pm

Paris Reckons With Plan to Connect Itself to Suburbs

Long before the Charlie Hebdo shootings last month, Paris struggled with its identity. But the attacks have spurred uncomfortable conversations about the city's large—and often segregated—population of immigrants. According to the New York Times, one step forward is new plan that will be undertaken in the following… »2/13/15 3:00pm2/13/15 3:00pm

The Rent Is Too Damn High Everywhere

Land in New York is expensive...that's not news. That's led the city to become a housing market dominated by rentals, and those rentals essentially drive people broke. A full third of New Yorkers are severely rent burdened, which means they pay over 50 percent of their incomes towards rent. »2/09/15 12:34pm2/09/15 12:34pm

Detroit is Not a 'Blank Slate' – These Maps Prove It

First of all, if you're interested in Detroit and you don't know Alex B. Hill, you should. He's a Wayne State University graduate student who does some of the coolest data visualizations I've seen. They're cool not only because they're gorgeous, but because they prove important points – for example showing that… »2/04/15 1:43pm2/04/15 1:43pm

New York City has 7,279 homes valued at more than $5 million, including a single Central Park West building where "206 high-value condos have a total market value of $3.1 billion." The homeless man who scammed his way into extended stays at two Manhattan luxury hotels should probably consider running for mayor. »2/03/15 4:13pm2/03/15 4:13pm

Buyer Receives 95 Percent Tax Break For Buying $100-Million NYC Condo

Buildings on 57th Street in New York City are breaking all kinds of records these days: for height, for how much they cost, and for the ridiculousness with which they showcase how messed up our housing system is. »2/02/15 1:06pm2/02/15 1:06pm

Maybe We Should Just Let Atlantic City Die Already

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — There are about as many ideas about how to save Atlantic City as there are residents of Atlantic City (39,551). I don’t say that hyperbolically. When I was there this past weekend every single person I talked to knew exactly what was wrong with it and how to fix it: it’s either Trump’s fault, or… »1/28/15 6:43pm1/28/15 6:43pm